QPM® : A unique system to understand, accompany and help people.

Unlike many others available on the market, QPM® is not a psychological or guidance test and never uses the declarative voice. QPM® uses a bio-physical and bio-psychological approach to the human being. Based on the bio-impedance of human tissue, QPM® converts measurements into exploitable data via a PC interface based on an electronic model of the organism.

QPM® is a measurement and piloting tool that has developed a specific technology for digitized measurement of impedance, referred to as « segmentary » because it assesses the bio-electrical activity of the human body one section at a time.

Due to its accuracy and exhaustive nature, this measurement and piloting principle can be advantageously applied to many fields and is solely reserved for professional use (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, trainers, mental preparation counselors, wellness centers, institutes, etc.). The QPM® system also provides a broad-sweeping, dynamic vision of the individual’s modus operandi as measured, along with (for particular applications) indications as to which techniques to implement. The measurements, tested on several thousand cases, have proven their reproducibility and reliability.

QPM® is currently present in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, India and Mexico.

Currently QPM® provides professionals with 3 application ranges :

1 - Applications to aid accompaniment.

These are intended for professionals accompanying people on an individual basis, or in a professional setting (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, Human Resources consultants, trainers, etc.). QPM® provides them with a range of tools to measure (for instance) behavior, stress, anxiety, emotional intelligence, dysfunctional behavior patterns, etc. and potentially to carry out surveys and barometers. QPM® can even indicate the most appropriate solutions to reduce stress in the professional context.

2 - Applications to aid well-being.

Intended for professionals in a variety of sectors, these applications yield information on the levels and consequences of oxidative stress on the individual. They are of interest to fitness centers, spas, nutritionists, laboratories, longevity clinics, etc. With regard to nutrition, QPM® identifies which foods to avoid and those best suited to the organism.

3 - Applications to aid sporting performance.

Intended for sports psychologists, sports coaches, trainers and other professionals dealing with athletes, these applications provide precious information on physical, mental and emotional fitness levels, on motivation, stress and anxiety, on the at-risk areas of the body, nutrition, etc., along with practical solutions for implementation.

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