QPM Wellness belongs to the Wellness range. All of the applications in this range are intended for professionals in various sectors. They provide them with information on the levels and consequences of oxidative stress on the individual. They are of interest to fitness centers, spas, nutritionists, laboratories, longevity clinics, etc. 

QPM Wellness results enable the professional to find out, in less than one minute, the level of physical, emotional and mental form of their client, and to identify the exercises best suited to their current condition. It therefore affords the possibility of monitoring the individual and observing their progress on all levels.

QPM Wellness is a response to the new market needs oriented towards seeking greater harmony between body and mind.

  • Recruit new clients
  • Win your clients’ loyalty
  • Convey a modern image of the rehab and fitness center
  • Develop a space for dialogue, exchange and communication
  • Confer meaning upon the practice of fitness, and develop the desire to come back for more.

Users concerned

  • Fitness Halls
  • Rehab centers


QPM Wellness comprises 31 criteria, organized into two main chapters:

Current condition :

  • Level of form (physical, mental, emotional)
  • Recommendation for the physical areas

Current exercises :

  • Body-building
  • Stretching and work on posture
  • Cardio training
  • Work on the general purpose machine
  • Group gymnastics practice
  • Basic gymnastics practice
  • Work on breathing

Example of measurement