QPM Cosmetology belongs to the Wellness range. All of the applications contained in this range are intended for professionals in a variety of sectors. It provides them with information on the levels and consequences of oxidative stress on the individual. This oxidative stress, which is responsible for all our ills, is exactly what the bio-impedance measurement measures. If oxidation occurs somewhere in the body, then obviously this alters the passage of the electrical current. 

For QPM Cosmetology the skin is a system in its own right, having its own laws and functions. Like all of the other systems of the body, this system is prey to oxidative stress due to the very fact of the aging process in living systems. Each human being possesses its own, specific Longevity depending both on the genetic makeup and on biochemical and metabolic factors, environment agents and also the inner self, the psychological makeup (for instance, anxious individuals age more quickly). The skin on the face is the one place in particular where the individual’s inner self meets with the physical stressors due to the environment (the skin is usually not covered by clothing) and the free radicals present a more intense oxidative activity here merely by virtue of that absence of protection. The tensions and stresses of modern day living can be seen more markedly in the face than anywhere else on the body, because the face is the most exposed portion of our body as it is usually left uncovered. Local oxidative stress causes aging, deterioration of the conjunctive tissue, loss of hydration, poor oxygenation of the tissues, just so many factors that predispose the face to wear. If the skin is hydrated, oxygenated, if the pH is modified, visible and measurable effects can be objectively observed through the before and after measurements of bio-impedance. This therefore enables us to show the real, biophysical condition of the skin and its oxidation, to propose an assessment of the skin’s condition, to recommend the type of product to apply, to monitor the progress of the results of application of the cosmetics.

QPM Cosmetology performs a direct measurement of clinical stress, which is also a factor that predicts the action of the different cosmetics applied to the skin. The technology indicates which products of the range are most appropriate to the individual, and prescribes then in a way that admits of little discussion, hence a wager of efficacy.

Users concerned

This application concerns cosmetics manufacturers first and foremost, as well as all professionals called upon to give advice or apply cosmetics.


The QPM Cosmetology measurements yields information on the following areas :

  • forehead areas, left and right-hand sides
  • upper lip areas, left and right-hand sides
  • lower lip areas, left and right-hand sides
  • nostrils area, left and right-hand sides
  • central cheeks areas, left and right-hand sides
  • neck areas, right and left-hand sides
  • eyelids area, left and right eyes
  • lateral areas of the cheeks, left and right
  • hands

Example of measurement