QPM Longevity belongs to the Wellness Range. All of the applications contained in this range are intended for professionals in a variety of sectors. It provides them with information on the levels and consequences of oxidative stress on the individual. This oxidative stress, which is responsible for all our ills, is exactly what the bio-impedance measurement measures. If oxidation occurs somewhere in the body, then obviously this alters the passage of the electrical current. The oxidative stress results will mention the “capital” in the different areas of the body, as well as in the major systems of functions of the body, in order to adapt the existing anti-aging strategies optimally, and also, of course, monitor their effects in a follow-up measurement. 

The QPM Longevity measurement is dedicated to the assessment and follow-up of oxidative stress of the individual’s overall extra- cellular and intra-cellular stress level as well as the segmentary biophysical areas that are affected by that oxidative stress. The measurement similarly yields an assessment of the capital of the different systems and apparatuses of the human body. In no circumstances does this system enable making a medical diagnosis, all it does is restore a biophysical measurement of the oxidative condition of particular functions or areas, hence assessing the existing capital in terms of their vitality, or otherwise. It also specifies, locally, using a simple marking system, whether the oxidative stress measured in that area is of the extracellular (red triangle = acid pH) or intracellular (blue triangle = alkaline pH). Independently of the areas of the body, algorithmic calculations have enabled giving the same type of scoring for the major functions related in one way or another to the oxidative stress. Depended on how weakened they area, these systems may potentially aggravate the oxidative stress (for instance, a respiratory system that itself is under extra or intracellular oxidative stress can actually worsen an already diminishing overall system).

Users concerned

This application first and foremost concerns longevity experts and all professionals needing to give advice in this field.


The QPM Longevity application yields the following information :

  • Level of extracellular and intracellular oxidative stress
  • Location of oxidative stress son the body
  • Stress level and response to the stress
  • Mood level
  • Capital of the organ systems
  • Food additives (fruits, vegetables, spices, infusions)

Example of measurement