QPM Sport Expert belongs to the Sports range, whose objective is to help improve sporting performance. This application provides its users with in-depth knowledge of the psychological makeup of the sportspeople. It thus helps the individual sports person to bring their mental and physical condition into harmony, for mental preparation and sports coaching, and thus improve performances.
The objective is to provide those responsible for the mental preparation of sports people with all of the information needed to optimize their mission.

Users concerned

  • Trainers
  • Mental preparation experts
  • Sports psychologists
  • Sports coaches
  • Osteopaths


QPM Sport Expert comprises 78 criteria organized into different chapters :

  • Level of form (physical, mental and emotional)
  • Self-confidence and concentration
  • Motivation (general, personal challenges, focusing on the task or on the ego, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations)
  • Focusing on goals
  • Self-control, stress, anxiety, coping skills
  • Personal potential and social skills useful in sport (determination, combativeness, strength of conviction, leadership qualities)
  • Modes of interaction and communication with the environment
  • Fragile areas of the body
  • Recommendations corresponding to areas for improvement (on the physical level) and aspects to work on (mental level) as well as the methods to implement (but not the exercises, which are determined by the sports coaches).

Example of measurement