1. Specificity

QPM® uses a different approach from other systems, for at no time does it use the declarative voice.

When the subject is ready, the practitioner simply starts up the instrument, which quickly and automatically performs the full cycle of bio-electronic measurements.

The raw data are then transmitted, via Internet, to the server for the selected application and are returned, processed, without needing to ply the individual with questions.

Also, because of the structure of the analysis software, a reference population is not required.

2. Reproducibility

As long as the protocols are applied carefully and that the experimental framework complies with the recommendations, the QPM® measurement is accurate and reproducible.

This technical reproducibility is a wager of reliability and neutrality.


3. Awareness raising

Practitioners using the system have found that in most people, restoration of the QPM® measurements distinctly raises their self-awareness level, compared to their usual modus operandi, whether psychological, physical or food-related.

4. The QPM® measurement

QPM® uses two principal scales of reference :

  • For the 4 primary factors, the measurement is expressed on a scale from -100 to + 100
  • For all other criteria, the measurement is expressed on a scale from 0.1 to 5.9 in expert mode, and from 0 to 5 in normal use mode.

The QPM® report is restored quickly. It is easy to consult and does not require laborious decoding, even though it contains a lot of information.

5. Safety

The QPM® process is registered with CNIL. QPM® engages its uses to do the same, using the file generated by the application.

Users are protected by a login and password. For privacy protection purposes, they can enter their client’s name into the system using a client-specific code name (the client must, however, remember the name). The only data QPM® then requires is the individual’s gender and the year of their birth..


6. Ethics

QPM® has drafted an ethical Charter that each user must sign before being allowed to use the process. This Charter states which uses are permitted and which are not. Any infringement of the Charter may result in interruption of the use of QPM®.

Users of QPM Stresspro who are members of Stress Experts Association have drafted their own deontological code and Ethical Charter.

In the same spirit, QPM®reserves the right to refuse to market its process to some professions.