QPM® combines cutting edge electronics
and the very latest in psychological models.

QPM® as born of the need to enhance personal potential. Its creators had the insight and opportunity to adapt a biophysical technique already in use in medical circles to an original concept of knowledge of the individual.

Based on the bio-impedance of the human tissues, QPM® converts the measurements into exploitable data via a computer interface based on an electronic model of the organism.

This measurement is then processed and evaluated by the QPM® metamodel.

The QPM® system therefore provides a broad and dynamic vision of the modus operandi  of an individual as measured.

The measurements, tested on several thousands of cases already, have proved their reproducibility and reliability.

QPM® can be considered an instrument of synthesis between cutting edge electronics and tried and tested psychological models. It constitutes a tool for in-depth knowledge of the personality through the measurement of the bio-activity of the organism.

The specific advantage of QPM® is that it achieves a synthesis between :

  • cutting edge electronics,
  • the application of mathematical models to translate the bio-physical measurements,
  • the possibilities offered by developments in computer science,
  • recent discoveries in the behavioral neurosciences, psychology and energy medicine...