Applications to aid in the professional and psychological accompaniment of people.

These were the first applications developed by QPM®. They are intended for professionals called upon to accompany people on an individual or professional basis (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, Human Resources consultants, trainers, etc.).

QPM® provides them with a range of tools to enable measuring such aspects as behavior, behavior patterns, stress, anxiety, emotional intelligence, potential, etc

Regarding stress in the professional context, the applications give the possibility to perform studies and barometers. They can even indicate the most appropriate solutions.


To date QPM® makes available to the professionals :

  • QPM DPRH (Human Resources Personnel Development) :
    This is a very complete application used by HR consultants, coaches and psychotherapists alike. It cross-references 6 reading tables and with a great deal of finesse provides an assessment of an individual’s condition, paths for progress and their strengths.
  • QPM Stresspro :
    This application is intended to measure individual and group stress in the professional context. It identifies the stress level, the causes and proposes the solutions to implement to reduce that stress both for the individual and for the group. The computer tools created by QPM® in addition to this application very easily enable performing an audit and producing the accompanying quantitative report.
  • QPM Newbiz :
    Application intended for accompanying those setting up a new business. Approximately fifty criteria enable identifying how the person « lives » their project, their strengths and any hindrances. It is the tool for specialist coaches to accompany business creators.