QPM Dietetics belongs to the Wellness range. All of the applications comprised in this range are intended for professionals in various sectors. It provides them with information on the levels and consequences of oxidative stress on the individual.

The QPM Dietetics measurement is based on the study and measurement recognized in Chinese dietetics, according to which a number of precise typologies, relating to the dominance of one energy axis or another, result in a classification into six major fields. These fields each correspond to a particular diet, in which some foods are indicated, and others should be banned, and others lastly, which can be eaten without causing a problem. It then becomes possible to determine very precisely the score for a given food item on a given field at a given moment. This possibility is offered by the measurements of the meridians, of the energy axes, and also of the areas of metameric projection of the viscera, knowing the place of each food item, its energetic and physiologic target transmitted by Chinese medicine.

Two main lines of conduct appear to be emerging nowadays, from the vast ocean of alimentary recommendations :

  • Foods that combat oxidative stress, which are a priority at a time when the latest discoveries in medicine show that oxidative stress accompanies, and may even precede or be a contributory factor to virtually all diseases, to aging and to death…
  • The second fact is the inequality of individuals with regard to foods. Indeed, foods will not have the same effect on different individuals, depending on the existing level of oxidative stress (try eating spicy foods or drinking a coffee when suffering from major oxidative stress of the stomach) and yet no technique enables targeting foods based on the individual terrain. Only Chinese medicine and the Chinese diet have bequeathed an inestimable treasure trove of alimentary recommendations. Furthermore, in most diets, the addition of food supplements is strongly recommended.

The cross-referencing between the several thousand year old Chinese diet and the anti-oxidative nutrition, still in its infancy, at the cutting edge of our knowledge on the topic of aging, enable advising a measured individual, at a given time, about the foods that will yield optimal fitness, delay aging and enable successful weight loss.

Users concerned

  • Nutritionists, dieticians,
  • Spas, Fitness centers
  • Anti-aging centers
  • Professionals called upon to give nutritional advice


The analysis bears on almost 150 food items, each being classified as :

  • Okay,
  • Advised,
  • Preferred,
  • To be avoided
  • Unfavorable,
  • Highly un favorable.

And this, depending on the condition of the individual at the time of measurement.
This is therefore a fully personalized result.

The main food categories of interest to the QPM Dietetics assessment are :

  • Animal foods (41)
  • Grains (21)
  • Vegetables (37)
  • Fruit (22)
  • Infusions (10) and miscellaneous foods (10)

Example of measurement