Applications to aid sporting performance.

Sports constitute a privileged field for QPM® applications. Indeed, sports bring into play both the physical and the mental, which are the two bases of QPM®.

For this reason, in collaboration with a number of professionals (trainers, coaches, psychologists), including Jean-Cyrille Lecoq (a clinical psychologists who also specializes in sports, and a teacher at Staps in Evry), QPM® developed a variety of general or specific applications.

These applications are intended for sports psychologists, sports coaches, trainers and other professionals who look after or counsel athletes. The applications yield precious information on the level of physical, mental and emotional form, on the motivation, stress and anxiety levels, on the areas of the body that are in at-risk condition, on nutrition, etc., as well as the solutions to implement.


At the current time QPM® makes available to professionals :

  • QPM Football Expert :
    Specialist application for football. Operates both for the individual players and for the team.
  • Coming soon : QPM Horse-Riding.