Accreditation takes place during Day Four. It is remitted after the trainee has completed the training and passed the evaluation tests on the QPM® basics and has successfully interpreted 2 reports (among those performed over the preceding period) in front of a jury.

The accreditation is personal, and by name. It alone authorizes use of the system and access to the operations department.

Following accreditation QPM® offers a further credit for 15 free measurements to be performed within the following 30 days. Thus, the newly certified individual can immediately start putting into application all of the newly acquired information. Experience has proven that after performing around twenty measurements, a user feels sufficiently comfortable to practice regularly.

During and after the training, the trainee (or certified individual) obtains assistance from a free telephone hotline to explain all or part of the assessments performed. This service is provided by QPM® permanent staff.

Operation use of QPM®.

Once having obtained accreditation the individual (or the employer company) is equipped with a QPM® measurement kit.

This kit is made up of

  • an electronic housing, a veritable interface between the person or persons, and the machine,
  • six electrodes and their specific wiring,
  • a program to link the housing to a PC.

QPM® simultaneously opens a personal account and access for the user in its computer servers on which the programs used to decode and interpret the electronic data collated, are installed.

QPM® is available in interactive mode via the Website. The expert system that receives the results of the biophysical measurements correlates them to the analysis database and restores the interpretation within a few minutes.



At their request, clients having a local only use of QPM® can be provided with a unit enabling them to receive and use the equipment. This metal and resin support measures 0.80 m wide by 0.60m deep and 1.2m high. It comes with the IT tools necessary for its operation.